Scribbler’s Cleaning House

Peace be to all,

I am the first to acknowledge that I have probably been the worst Scribbler known to man, however I do believe that I have some justification when I say that LIFE was the primary reason for my disappearance. I have recently felt my right hand aching for its return to the ink and decided to start off fresh. You will have noticed that the appearance of my humble abode has changed, and in addition I will be cleaning house (i.e. removing posts that seem irrelevant to my current journey or simply not what I would like to leave behind as a writer) before continuing to write. With the start of a new hijri year I ask Allah to bless us all and to aide us in all our endeavors… Ameen.

Till then children…


But a dream…

I’ll keep this short insha’Allah. Dreams don’t always come true. I know now that the dream I recently had was nothing more than a sub-conscious hope deep within my soul. I will end my journey as Muslim Scribbler today and move on with a more ‘realistic’ approach to life; I announce my defeat to all the logicians and critics whom I no longer have the will nor the energy to prove wrong. The only person I will never give up for is my child, and for my child I shall move on for his / her benefit without any regard for my fairy-tale dreams.

I just wanted to thank everyone who supported me during this journey; if there ever was a voice that remained constant and true in their support for me, it was the voice of my readers. I thank you all for reading what I had to say when no one else could have really understood if it were to come from my real-life identity. May Allah bless you all, and bring an all-encompassing love into your loves; may your dreams come true.

p.s. will be up for a few more months before I take everything down insha’Allah.

Your brother,

Muslim Scribbler


I’m considering the option to end Muslim Scribbler; I’m currently facing the dilemma of a faded passion to write on the topic I love most (L O V E), but at the same time do not wish to cease the existence of this secret outlet of mine to express my feelings with readers I have grown accustomed to turn to. Again… I just need time to think about this, as I’m in the middle of taking a few big decisions in life.

I just felt like talking with you all about me considering this option 🙁