My journey began in the year 2008 as a man simply expressing his new found love, a love unlike any I have ever experienced before, a love that was never to be. Many of the scribbles relating to this phase of my life have been removed, in part due to her request and in part due to my personal inclination to start over.

I have scribbled on and off since she left, and have been struggling to find purpose in my writing ever since. I hope to find purpose through the rays of lights in my life that have either remained or have begun to shine anew. I am currently in the process of defining my vision and purpose as a writer, as well as trying to determine the fate of my previous scribbles by answering the following questions:

  • Do they still hold true?
  • Are they relevant to my current journey?
  • Do they add value to anyone reading them?

Perhaps you can help me answer such questions? God bless you.