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A Father’s Patience

I received a beautiful video some time back from a friend depicting a story between a father and a son; this video seems to be some type of initiative to strenghten the bonds between children and parents. Reflect.

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In His Name

In the name of Allah, and may the peace and blessings be upon His beloved Prophet Muhammad, I say these words.

Truly in the body there is a morsel of flesh which, if it be whole, all the body is whole and which, if it be diseased, all of it is diseased. Truly it is the heart! - Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him)

Truly in the body there is a morsel of flesh which, if it be whole, all the body is whole and which, if it be diseased, all of it is diseased. Truly it is the heart!

Late last night, I sat alone, pondering on my past, my present, and my unknown future. My past – my history – will always be the largest and most personal resource of experiences, thoughts, and emotions for self-realization. As I look back I see with complete clarity my evolution through the different phases of my life; every person, trial, and experience has touched me in one way or another and helped form the man I am today. Although I am proud of who I am, I could be Read more…


370098_mri_head_scanSubhan Allah! How truly worthy of worship our Lord is; I sat here reflecting on simply one of the many functions our brain performs every second. The process of storing both conscious and subconscious events that are both recent, and of a more distant past is truly remarkable and demonstrative of Allah’s Power. Not only are these events merely words spoken, or images seen; incorporation of emotions, visuals, and sounds bundled into a single package encompass a memory. Read more…

Poem on Hijab

Sheikh Ahmad Al-Ajami gives a little talk on our sisters in Islam and the impact the west has had on our way of life, followed by a beautiful recitation of a nasheed written by the Sheikh with the following words (and translation):

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Talk to me!

There have been times where I’ve reached a dead end in trying to heal a relationship, justify an action, clear up a misunderstanding, or simply express my opinion, all because the person(s) involved would not talk to me. However the act of communication does not suffice on its own without all parties opening their minds and hearts. For example, I may sit down and pour my heart out regarding a subject, but if the listener(s) did not truly listen to every word and simply stuck by the conclusion made before ‘listening’ to me, it is pointless.

It should be assumed that communication includes a two-way transfer of messages AND a sincere consideration of all messages for the sake of avoiding oppression. In the end I believe that oppression is a result of ignoring that consideration. Read more…

Qadar: A mercy to the believers

In continuation to my previous post ‘All of the sons of Adam sin‘, it is important to note that although Allah does NOT oppress us and knowing that we as humans have free will to make the decisions we make, Allah has the power of Qadar (pre-ordained occurrences). Everything that occurs within the universe falls under one of two categories:

  1. There are the occurences which are solely under the control and will of Allah; for example the falling of rain, life, death, sickness, earthquakes, etc… No one else has the power to intervene with these ‘pre-ordained’ occurrences
  2. These are the actions performed by all creatures empowered with ‘free will’. The actions performed, are the consequence of their efforts and decisions. Allah subhanaho wa ta’ala says in the Qur’an:

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All of the sons of Adam Sin

Since the creation of our beloved prophet Adam (peace be upon him), sinners have been born from mankind to this day and until the end of time. Liars, cheaters, murderers, thieves, or more generally speaking, law breakers of the word of God have always existed, and I am the first to confess to the truth in this statement of accusation against the sons of Adam. I have done wrong in my life; acts and deeds that have proved to work against my favor in time. Subhan Allah, how true it is that we – sons of Adam – oppress ourselves, and how Allah is free from such oppression upon His slaves.

 ذَلِكَ بِمَا قَدَّمَتْ يَدَاكَ وَأَنَّ اللَّهَ لَيْسَ بِظَلَّامٍ لِلْعَبِيدِ

That is because of what your hands have sent forth, and verily, Allâh is not unjust to (His) slaves. (Al-Hajj 22:10)

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More on Signs… Planet Earth

E A R T H… aka Blue Planet… aka Our Home. Subhan Allah how perfectly our Creator molds His creation. We as humans perhaps understate the complexity in ourselves; the design of ourselves as humans probably goes over our heads without much thought being that the topic is about ourselves. However, if we are to look around us at much grander things, such as this beautiful planet we inhabit; Planet Earth.

With all the signs around us on how balanced life here is, how perfect our ecosystems run, and how macro of a creation Earth is, how could someone deny the existence of a Superior Power and believe in pure ‘chance’, “that it is all a coincidence”. Read more…

Strength of Men

912365_face_of_an_old_man_02Allah has created the man to be a strong creature; physical and emotional strength are primarily what men are known for, or rather, should be known for. At times we (men) forget the importance in maintaining that strength which Allah and His messenger (peace be upon him) have spoken to us about time and time again:

  • Verily, Allâh loves those who fight in His Cause in rows (ranks) as if they were a solid structure. (As-Saff 61:4)
  • On the authority of Aboo Hurayrah (may Allaah be pleased with him), the Prophet (sallallaahu ‘alayhe wa sallam) said:”The strong believer is better and more beloved to Allaah than the weak believer, while there is good in both. Guard over that which benefits you, seek Allaah’s Assistance, wa laa ta’jiz (don’t lend yourself to things devoid of benefit, and this could carry many meanings), and if something befalls you, then don’t say ‘If I only would have done such and such,’ rather say, ‘Qaddarallaahu wa maa shaa’ fa’al’ (Allaah ordained (this) and He does what He wills), for verily the phrase ‘If I would have’ makes way for the work of Shaytaan.Read more…

Have We not shown you the signs?

Subhan Allah. Beautiful story about an Australian brother who converted to Islam. Please pay attention to the last 3 minutes of the video.

For our brothers & sisters in humanity who have not accepted Islam, have you not seen enough signs from Allah? For our brothers & sisters in Islam, hold strong and true to this deen.