I’ll keep this short insha’Allah. Dreams don’t always come true. I know now that the dream I recently had was nothing more than a sub-conscious hope deep within my soul. I will end my journey as Muslim Scribbler today and move on with a more ‘realistic’ approach to life; I announce my defeat to all the logicians and critics whom I no longer have the will nor the energy to prove wrong. The only person I will never give up for is my child, and for my child I shall move on for his / her benefit without any regard for my fairy-tale dreams.

I just wanted to thank everyone who supported me during this journey; if there ever was a voice that remained constant and true in their support for me, it was the voice of my readers. I thank you all for reading what I had to say when no one else could have really understood if it were to come from my real-life identity. May Allah bless you all, and bring an all-encompassing love into your loves; may your dreams come true.

p.s. MuslimScribbler.com will be up for a few more months before I take everything down insha’Allah.

Your brother,

Muslim Scribbler

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