Pearl of The Middle East

Assalamu Alaikom dear readers,

I write to you this time while flying several thousand feet above Lebanon and on my way back to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. I feel the need to share my thoughts and feelings as they rush through me at full velocity, and might as well while I have the time (something I rarely have these days). Though my first time visiting this beautiful country, it is of great sentimental value to me for many reasons of which I will not elaborate further upon. Read more…


To not feel fear, to not be afraid of anything or anyone, how must that feel? Some of you may recall the audio recording of myself which I uploaded a few months ago, and how I stated that due to¬†fearlessness¬†I am no longer afraid of hiding my identity should anyone recognize my voice. Do not think that the reason I removed that audio recording was due to fear of any particular person, it was purely due to conflict of interest and personal reasons which led me to feel that it was not appropriate at the time. Read more…

A Father’s Patience

I received a beautiful video some time back from a friend depicting a story between a father and a son; this video seems to be some type of initiative to strenghten the bonds between children and parents. Reflect.

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Scribbler’s Cleaning House

Peace be to all,

I am the first to acknowledge that I have probably been the worst Scribbler known to man, however I do believe that I have some justification when I say that LIFE was the primary reason for my disappearance. I have recently felt my right hand aching for its return to the ink and decided to start off fresh. You will have noticed that the appearance of my humble abode has changed, and in addition I will be cleaning house (i.e. removing posts that seem irrelevant to my current journey or simply not what I would like to leave behind as a writer) before continuing to write. With the start of a new hijri year I ask Allah to bless us all and to aide us in all our endeavors… Ameen.

Till then children…


In His Name

In the name of Allah, and may the peace and blessings be upon His beloved Prophet Muhammad, I say these words.

Truly in the body there is a morsel of flesh which, if it be whole, all the body is whole and which, if it be diseased, all of it is diseased. Truly it is the heart! - Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him)

Truly in the body there is a morsel of flesh which, if it be whole, all the body is whole and which, if it be diseased, all of it is diseased. Truly it is the heart!

Late last night, I sat alone, pondering on my past, my present, and my unknown future. My past – my history – will always be the largest and most personal resource of experiences, thoughts, and emotions for self-realization. As I look back I see with complete clarity my evolution through the different phases of my life; every person, trial, and experience has touched me in one way or another and helped form the man I am today. Although I am proud of who I am, I could be Read more…

Ramadan 1430

In the name of Allah, and may the peace and blessings be upon our beloved Prophet Muhammed (peace be upon him).

May Allah bless all my brothers & sisters during this holy month of fast practiced by those before us, and may Allah make us of al-muttaqoon (those who are pious)… Ameen. I would like to remind us all of some relevant sayings of Allah (the all Mighty), and His beloved Prophet Muhammed (peace be upon him): Read more…

Why not now?

422364_lonelyI mentioned in my previous post that I will try to practice ‘clearing my mind’ in order to focus on any particular matter that needs to be addressed; amazed am I at how soon thereafter I benefited. One of the many threads of thought troubling me was that of one lingering between my heart and mind; the thought of a woman I am / was in love with. After clearing my mind and reseting my senses I was able to blow away some of the clouds affecting my vision, and focus. Read more…

Too Many Mind

Last night I was chatting online with one of my readers about having a mind block when I flipped open my laptop to scribble, and although she tried to help me with some ideas on topics to write about, I simply was not feeling IT. All night – although blank when it came to writing – my mind was racing with thoughts, worries, and stressful emotions; overwhelming surges in the mind can shut a person down completely. Is the mind something we can control, I mean truly control? They say we only utilize at most 10% of our brain’s potential. Within the 10% of power all I require is that I’m able to control levels of stress and emotional suffering. To an extent, I believe we can do a lot more than simply control those levels; practice is needed and that’s all. All my life have I suffered from emotional sensitivity; something I admit is a weakness within my character.

last_samurai Read more…

Sleepless Nights

702361_sleep_2The last few weeks have been restless, sleepless, and lonely for me. What is it that causes a man to endlessly toss and turn at night, and not be able to doze off into a sleepy wonderland? Long has it been since I’ve been able to embrace a pillow and close my eyes with a frownless face. Long has it been since my body felt a strong heart beat. Tonight I want to sleep and dream; dream of better days to come (God willing).

I have never felt like wanting to be a little boy held close to the chest of a loving woman. To feel safe, secure, and loved is a peaceful state I wish to experience tonight, if only for a moment.

Oh night, will you let me sleep tonight?

The Art of Love

626613____hearts__1How similar love is to a painting, a poem, a sculpture, or any other form of art. Have we not splashed colors into the life of our love? Do we not swoon our love with words that strike the heart? Do we not mold her life for the better? Do the best works of art not have an inspiration or a story behind it? Such are the artistic expression of love; art in its purest and most expressive form inspired by the one you love. Everyone has a painting or another of love, but only few have produced what may be called a master piece of Love.

Some works of art last through the tests of time, others however have crumbled and faded away into a vague mosaic of bits and pieces. It is the former we all aim to achieve as artists of Love; an artistic relationship of Love. If we approach loving the one we hold so dear to our hearts as artists, you will find that just like art, our hearts and minds function as one to form a blend of creative, beautiful, and loving experiences. Read more…