To not feel fear, to not be afraid of anything or anyone, how must that feel? Some of you may recall the audio recording of myself which I uploaded a few months ago, and how I stated that due to fearlessness I am no longer afraid of hiding my identity should anyone recognize my voice. Do not think that the reason I removed that audio recording was due to fear of any particular person, it was purely due to conflict of interest and personal reasons which led me to feel that it was not appropriate at the time.

However with regards to the fearlessness I speak of, it is fearlessness in general, to not be afraid of anyone or anything. What would it be like to not process fear when a ferocious beast attacks you, to not feel fear when a man points a gun point blank at you, to not feel afraid when hanging off the edge of a roof? Apparently for the first time it has been discovered that there is a fellow human walking this earth who has never felt or experienced fear in her life.

I relate this gift, this curse, to my own life. Thoughts shot in every direction. Not fearing being alone, not fearing losing those I love, not fearing anything that has caused sleepless nights. To not fear however, is to not feel that emotion. To not feel an emotion? Allah has created everything in moderation and equilibrium, to not feel fear is to not be in balance. Just as we love Allah and hope for His mercy, we must fear Him and the punishment of hell fire. This reflection has caused me to fear not feeling fear; to not be afraid of loneliness might cause me to fall short in the efforts of pursuing its cure. The fearless woman in the news article is not able to process fear due to a problem in her brain’s structure, this phenomena resulted in a lead researcher stating that

It is quite remarkable that she is still alive.

With that said I thank Allah for the blessing of feeling sadness, happiness, passion, frustration, denial, courage, pride, confusion, anger, love, fear, and everything else in the umbrella of emotion.

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