E A R T H… aka Blue Planet… aka Our Home. Subhan Allah how perfectly our Creator molds His creation. We as humans perhaps understate the complexity in ourselves; the design of ourselves as humans probably goes over our heads without much thought being that the topic is about ourselves. However, if we are to look around us at much grander things, such as this beautiful planet we inhabit; Planet Earth.

With all the signs around us on how balanced life here is, how perfect our ecosystems run, and how macro of a creation Earth is, how could someone deny the existence of a Superior Power and believe in pure ‘chance’, “that it is all a coincidence”.

How great Allah subhanaho wa ta’ala is in His creation. There is increasing talk of the danger Planet Earth is in due to the human lifestyle in most recent years, whether it be through textbooks, documentaries, or hollywood movies, the message should have reached us all loud and clear. I don’t know how realistic it is for us to go green overnight, but there are simple things that do make a difference if done on a large scale:

  • Don’t drive when you don’t need to (this point is for the Saudi youth – cruising for hours on end without a purpose every night has got to stop)
  • Don’t litter
  • Try to consume less plastic bags (not every item needs its own bag when shopping for groceries)
  • Use energy within moderation (no need for every light in the house to be on if not in use)
  • Here are another 50 ways (over at 50waystohelp.com)

Here is one last video on how the EARTH has a protective shield which was already mentioned in the Quran over 1400 years ago:

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