Why not now?

422364_lonelyI mentioned in my previous post that I will try to practice ‘clearing my mind’ in order to focus on any particular matter that needs to be addressed; amazed am I at how soon thereafter I benefited. One of the many threads of thought troubling me was that of one lingering between my heart and mind; the thought of a woman I am / was in love with. After clearing my mind and reseting my senses I was able to blow away some of the clouds affecting my vision, and focus. Read more…

The Art of Love

626613____hearts__1How similar love is to a painting, a poem, a sculpture, or any other form of art. Have we not splashed colors into the life of our love? Do we not swoon our love with words that strike the heart? Do we not mold her life for the better? Do the best works of art not have an inspiration or a story behind it? Such are the artistic expression of love; art in its purest and most expressive form inspired by the one you love. Everyone has a painting or another of love, but only few have produced what may be called a master piece of Love.

Some works of art last through the tests of time, others however have crumbled and faded away into a vague mosaic of bits and pieces. It is the former we all aim to achieve as artists of Love; an artistic relationship of Love. If we approach loving the one we hold so dear to our hearts as artists, you will find that just like art, our hearts and minds function as one to form a blend of creative, beautiful, and loving experiences. Read more…

Jihad against Love

Lover's Gaze

Lover's Gaze

How ironic it is that the one thing I’ve dreamt about since my early teens is the one thing I fight my self against now. Through-out history, generals have lost battles, learning from them, and subsequently winning the war. This one battle I have faced – and clearly lost – has inflicted wounds that simply won’t heal, and although I realize that wounds do heal, they definitely will be a reminder engraved in my memory so long as I breathe. However, until these wounds heal I will continue to fight my self-being, desires, and even needs. This slowly-ending battle is a Jihad (struggle) unlike any I have ever faced in my life.

But just like any Jihad, it must be performed with righteous intentions & purpose in our hearts to attain a sweet reward. Allah knows of my intentions, and the purposes are many; I respect and honor her and her family’s wishes, I know that although this is a battle that requires sacrifice on my part, the reward (God Willing) shall be great whether attained in this life or the next, and finally the purpose of hope, hope to love and be loved in a manner pleasing to Allah. Read more…

Signs of Love

1196529_loveThis morning before heading to work I decided to sit and read a piece on the signs of love written by a scholar of the past (Ibn Hazm rahimahullah), and so it inspired me to write a brief contribution on what I believe some signs of love may be. This may also serve as a tool to others to determine where they lie on the spectrum of Love with their partner; love can range from simply caring about a person or a stranger’s well being just as we all do for not only our brothers and sisters in Islam, but even our brothers and sisters in humanity, to a soaring love that blinds you from everything and everyone around you with the exception of your beloved, where nothing else in this world matters but their utmost happiness. These signs of love refer to the latter end of the spectrum. Read more…

Google’s Ironic Search Result

3279369635_81d57afd3d_oI was looking today through some stats relating to; curious to see HOW people find me. Anyhow, one particular reader landed on my page by searching for “How to cure a broken heart?” on Google. haha… truly is ironic given that I myself am trying to figure out the answer to that question.

Speaking of which, I think I figured out the answer to that question yesterday; there is no cure, at most we can patch up our heart with whatever distractions there are in life, deal with it, force yourself to move on, and hope for the better. Read more…

Obstacles of Love

784060_padlock_and_chainWhat can Love overcome, and what can it not? Are there truly obstacles to TRUE love? I decided to see what the oracle ‘GOOGLE’ had to say on the matter :), and so I typed “Obstacles of love” and hit enter; google as always retrieved hundreds of records if felt were relevant to my query. One result in particular caught my attention; “What obstacles can love overcome” was the title, a question rather that a person decided to ask on Yahoo! Answers.

For the most part people seemed to reach a consensus that in the case of TRUE love, there is no obstacle love cannot overcome. One answer in particular caught my attention: Read more…

The Beginning

689513_the_graveyardAssalamu alaikom readers,

On the 1st of September (2008) I began documenting a personal journey in pursuit of love with a particular woman, although that journey began long before I began documenting it (approx. 8 years before), it did come to an end (several ends as a matter of fact). There were plenty of obstacles along the road, and despite my determination and energy to face whatever came our way, it was not enough to win the love I’ve craved for so long. I’ve mentioned before that my sole purpose and reason for writing was to express my devotion for said woman; with her gone – despite my wasted efforts to continue to write about other topics – I cannot find that same passion to write. Read more…

Talk to me!

There have been times where I’ve reached a dead end in trying to heal a relationship, justify an action, clear up a misunderstanding, or simply express my opinion, all because the person(s) involved would not talk to me. However the act of communication does not suffice on its own without all parties opening their minds and hearts. For example, I may sit down and pour my heart out regarding a subject, but if the listener(s) did not truly listen to every word and simply stuck by the conclusion made before ‘listening’ to me, it is pointless.

It should be assumed that communication includes a two-way transfer of messages AND a sincere consideration of all messages for the sake of avoiding oppression. In the end I believe that oppression is a result of ignoring that consideration. Read more…

Cure for Broken Heart?

Interesting article from the BBC ‘Medics can mend a broken heart‘. Below are some snippets:

US researchers studied 70 patients with “broken heart syndrome”, a recognised condition linked to stressful or emotional events.

All these patients recovered, most after being given aspirin or heart drugs, even though 20% were deemed critically ill.

Even though symptoms mimic those of a heart attack such as chest pain and shortness of breath, broken heart syndrome does appear to be temporary and completely reversible – if treated quickly.

Interesting huh? So for all of you broken hearters… take some aspirin… lol


slumdog-millionaireDefinition: an event (or a course of events) that will inevitably happen in the future.

We as Muslims believe in the Divine Decree of Allah, that whatever occurs happens by the Will of Allah alone. However we as beings are given the freedom of choice by Allah. So if I was to define ‘destiny’ in my own words, I would define it as such: Read more…