Assalamu Alaikom dear readers,

I write to you this time while flying several thousand feet above Lebanon and on my way back to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. I feel the need to share my thoughts and feelings as they rush through me at full velocity, and might as well while I have the time (something I rarely have these days). Though my first time visiting this beautiful country, it is of great sentimental value to me for many reasons of which I will not elaborate further upon.

I felt her (Lebanon) as I drove and walked through her streets, I fell more curious as I explored and wandered through her alley ways, and fell in love with her more with every passing day. I was overwhelmed by the immediate ‘connection’ I established the moment I breathed my first breath and set my eyes upon the surrounding hills as I stepped out of the airport. What is it about this land that rooted my feet deep within?

Although I ask myself this question, I know the answers to it, however it helps me gather my thoughts to type it regardless. Perhaps if my persona was not that of an anonymous one, I may have delved further into why I fell in love with Lebanon.

I have heard of it being called the ‘Paris of the Middle East’, the ‘Pearl of the Middle East’, amongst other names. What surprised me most was that despite all the political chaos I felt a sense of comfort being there. From the shores of Raouche, to the walkways of Solidaire, to the skiing slopes of Faraya you cannot help but admire the efforts of the Lebanese people to build a country continuously ravished by wars.

I recommend a visit at least once in your life, and wish the best for the brothers and sisters I leave behind.

Until I see you again,

Your brother – Scribbler.

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