626613____hearts__1How similar love is to a painting, a poem, a sculpture, or any other form of art. Have we not splashed colors into the life of our love? Do we not swoon our love with words that strike the heart? Do we not mold her life for the better? Do the best works of art not have an inspiration or a story behind it? Such are the artistic expression of love; art in its purest and most expressive form inspired by the one you love. Everyone has a painting or another of love, but only few have produced what may be called a master piece of Love.

Some works of art last through the tests of time, others however have crumbled and faded away into a vague mosaic of bits and pieces. It is the former we all aim to achieve as artists of Love; an artistic relationship of Love. If we approach loving the one we hold so dear to our hearts as artists, you will find that just like art, our hearts and minds function as one to form a blend of creative, beautiful, and loving experiences.

Though skeptical at first, I do believe that an eternal love is possible – though difficult – if truly desired by one of the partners (and not both), however some level of appreciation should exist for each other. Similar to art, it is the artist that inspires his audience, and in a few cases builds solid loyalty, appreciation, and love for him as the maker of his work. As an individual aspiring to become an artist of love, I have personally achieved a level of appreciation from another, but failed however to build the master piece for her. Although I have failed in forming the ultimate blend of loving artwork for her, I know that not every piece will be a Mona Lisa.

But we try, we never give up as artists of Love to aim for that one master piece of our life’s contribution. For those already married to someone, put effort into loving her, think hard about what makes her happy, causes her stomach to flip, and her heart to skip a beat. Make every word mean something, every touch build a craving anticipation of what’s to come next, and every moment in life with you a memorable one.

Will you join me on this movement of artistic Love?

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