370098_mri_head_scanSubhan Allah! How truly worthy of worship our Lord is; I sat here reflecting on simply one of the many functions our brain performs every second. The process of storing both conscious and subconscious events that are both recent, and of a more distant past is truly remarkable and demonstrative of Allah’s Power. Not only are these events merely words spoken, or images seen; incorporation of emotions, visuals, and sounds bundled into a single package encompass a memory.

I for example remember an event that dates back to when I was only 3 years old, I remember what I was wearing, what I was watching on TV, what I was eating, who I was with, and what I felt during that moment. We have the ability to store memories upon memories that are both good and bad in nature. Unfortunately we do not have the ability to voluntarily erase memories that are upsetting… or is it unfortunate? I suppose without our bad memories we never learn.

One dilemma I’ve been finding extremely hard to face is the hurt I feel from beautiful memories of someone I fell in love with but can’t be with. Do I wish those memories never existed? I’ve asked myself this question many times, and always seem to come up with the same answer; if I never knew of such a potential of love, I would be as ignorant as everyone else around me. I suppose memories can be seen as both a blessing and a curse, but deep down I believe that those memories that cause us pain, do in fact make us stronger in many other way.

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