784060_padlock_and_chainWhat can Love overcome, and what can it not? Are there truly obstacles to TRUE love? I decided to see what the oracle ‘GOOGLE’ had to say on the matter :), and so I typed “Obstacles of love” and hit enter; google as always retrieved hundreds of records if felt were relevant to my query. One result in particular caught my attention; “What obstacles can love overcome” was the title, a question rather that a person decided to ask on Yahoo! Answers.

For the most part people seemed to reach a consensus that in the case of TRUE love, there is no obstacle love cannot overcome. One answer in particular caught my attention:

“Everything that isn’t death. Unless you believe in life after death, that is.”

When I read that line it struck a chord in my heart, I remember a countless number of times in which I discussed with someone from my recent past on how I not only saw our love expand across this life-time (i.e. until death), but more importantly to help each other extend it through an eternal bliss by enjoining one another to do that which is good and pleasing to Allah. It was never a short-term game with her, it was never merely a long-term plan to be with her in terms of this life; I always had the intention of traveling with her [God willing] through eternity.

Unfortunately my vision was not realized in this particular story, yet I still hold strong to the opinion that LOVE can overcome obstacles that are humanly possible and safe. For example if one of the lovers was held in a fortified prison, there probably is nothing possible for either of them to do to be with one another. Another example would be that one of the lovers would be surely killed or physically harmed as a result of them being together; no person truly in love would risk the harm of the other. I would rather break my own heart a thousand times than to harm a hair on the person I love.

What say you? Are there any obstacles to love?

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