slumdog-millionaireDefinition: an event (or a course of events) that will inevitably happen in the future.

We as Muslims believe in the Divine Decree of Allah, that whatever occurs happens by the Will of Allah alone. However we as beings are given the freedom of choice by Allah. So if I was to define ‘destiny’ in my own words, I would define it as such:

Definition: an event (or a course of events) that will occur in the future by the will of Allah.

More specifically speaking, I’d like to discuss our destiny as individuals, my destiny, your destiny. These surely happen and are shaped by us through the will of Allah. Today I saw a movie about a man who persevered his whole life since he was a little boy to find and be with his lost true love; the acclaimed Slumdog Millionaire is worthy of the awards it achieved. This beautiful story about a young Muslim boy who suffered the pain time and time again only to gain a look upon his love’s face, until he prevailed against all-odds.

slumdog-millionaire-fl-012Are we as humans capable of waging such a battle within ourselves? To fend off any doubts, moments of weakness, and fear, until we achieve that which matters most to us? Whether it be true love, ambitions, dreams, or more importantly our dedication as slaves to Allah, is such an internal battle to overcome all the forces at work against us possible at such a deep level? I used to believe that if we wanted something so badly we could achieve it, however this statement probably holds true for some things and not others.

slumdog-millionaire-1slumdog_millionaireThe movie asks the audience a question worth more than a million dollars. 

A: MONEY                                            B: LUCK
C: SMARTS                                   D: DESTINY

I’m sure you’ll find people that will answer with any of the four options above, but if you share the same definition of destiny as myself, then you’ll surely choose D.

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