Last night I laid in bed thinking for a good 3 hours, “who is she?”. I wondered “where is she?”. I asked “what’s her name?”. Those were a few of the questions I could not answer, but I can say the following about her:

She’s a Muslimah
She loves
Allah and His Prophet above all
She loves me unconditionally
She would help raise and love my child as her own
She respects me
She honors me
She supports me
She makes me breathless when without her
She is breathless when without me
She pleases me as I please her
She understands me
She understands me
She understands me
She believes in me
She tells me all the things that bother her
She feels safe with me
She trusts me
She knows and believes that I would die for her
She wants to learn and grow together
She is all I think about
She is my other half and she completes me
She is my queen, my love

She is… my WIFE

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