Scribbler's Book of Love  

Scribbler's Book of Love

Since the dawn of man us humans have read, debated, lived, dreamed, and died for this 4 letter word called L O V E. Some were fortunate enough to taste the meaning of this powerful concoction of emotion, physical desire, and mystery across the many dimensions it resides on, some have waged wars only to die while uttering confessions of L O V E, and some remain blinded from this blessed curse.

I personally have claimed discovery of the meaning of L O V E several times, and with each discovery I have changed my view on what L O V E truly means. For me, what I thought to be L O V E always ended in disappointment and pain, however it always brought a more enlightened picture of what to expect when it DOES happen.

L O V E is perhaps one of the most difficult words to define comprehensively; not to miss an aspect of L O V E while defining it is perhaps impossible. L O V E is that thing which causes our stomachs to flutter, our minds to wander, our eyes to daze, and our hearts to either beat sporadically and sometimes even stop. L O V E is what makes us weak, what makes us strong, what makes us trust, what makes us belong. L O V E is the voice that overpowers all voices, L O V E is the reasoning that prevails over all other reasoning, L O V E is the power that strengthens you when weak, that gives you courage when afraid, that gives you hope when down.

People are shown signs of L O V E everyday, whether it be through the mercy God has given them, whether it be through the tears of a mother when her child hurts, or whether it be through a selfless unconditional kiss of a wife to her husband. Very few see, understand, and appreciate this thing called L O V E; most take it for granted even when it could not be any clearer. I pitty those of my brethren in humanity who fall amongst the latter.

As I said in the beggining of this post, “not to miss an aspect of L O V E while defining it is perhaps impossible“; it is impossible. As a result I would like to make a small announcement being that I am one of the most admiring students of this phenomenon known as L O V E, I have made the intention to scrap a book I’ve been working on which although is related to L O V E, it is far more specific in nature. I am now in the works to author my first book on this beloved topic of mine, it is my first book period. It may take months, it may take years, but I have started. I cannot commit to any dates, but I can say that it will NOT be published before this summer, as I’m waiting for a few events to take place which will more than likely feed into my book.

I have been away for some time to deal with important matters in life, but I am back now and insha’Allah here to stay. I have missed writing, I have missed sharing life’s experiences with you all… Although you all have probably noticed the removal of nearly all previous posts, I would like you to know that I have my reasons for doing that. Expect however a new Scribbler with a new mission when it comes to writing.

I am Muslim, I am Scribbler, I am in L O V E with L O V E. These are my scribbles of L O V E.

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